Welcome to the TRUE TOP 50, brought to you by DRMetrix and SciMark. Data for these reports comes from AdSphere™ monitoring of more than 100 national cable networks. AdSphere™ identifies, categorizes, and tracks DRTV creatives across four industry classifications: "Short Form Products", "Lead Generation", "Brand/DR", and "28.5 Minute". The TRUE TOP 50 report is based on the "Short Form Products" and "28.5 Minute" classifications.

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  • Short Form Brands
  • Long Form Brands
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Short Form Brands

1Proactiv+The Proactiv Company215951006387 sec133
2Spin SpaIdea Village Products530625.287996 sec36
3Meaningful Beauty UltraGuthy-Renker23042597195 sec104
4Flex TapeSwift Response901423.167994 sec27
5Copper Fit Back ProIdea Village Products747620.366679 sec133
6Copper Fit Energy SocksIdea Village Products392919.576887 sec51
7MicroTouch Tough BladeIdea Village Products654517.955780 sec133
8Pocket RacersIdea Village Products358717.277973 sec31
9Hurricane Spin ScrubberTelebrands614616.076791 sec47
10Simply Fit BoardAllstar Products299614.8183101 sec55
11Comfort Click BeltIdea Village Products561314.186490 sec51
12Luminess AirLuminess Direct247113.3899205 sec133
13Clorox ScrubTasticE. Mishan & Sons591612.735485 sec22
14Copper Fit Pro SeriesIdea Village Products450012.325860 sec48
15Bye Bye Foundation - Beautiful You CollectionFavor Products101010.99100262 sec99
16Baseboard BuddyAllstar Products253210.936984 sec49
17Bell+Howell TacLight LanternE. Mishan & Sons384310.56295 sec44
18TastingRoom.comL18 Holdings748010.247557 sec69
19Gotham Steel Crisper TrayE. Mishan & Sons314610.066389 sec28
20Rocky Mountain TumblerOntel Products28829.2697120 sec38
21Pocket Hose Brass BulletTelebrands2,4689.256394 sec16
22Air DragonTelebrands4,2529.0392115 sec33
23BetterBrellaE. Mishan & Sons4,16196696 sec47
24Air HawkOntel Products3,4128.9799120 sec34
25Booty MaxTekno Products1,5968.668393 sec24
26Bell+Howell TacLightE. Mishan & Sons4,4088.47880 sec62
27Yoshi Copper Grill MatIdea Village Products3,3508.285793 sec24
28Shark Rocket CompleteSharkNinja Operating9798.25100300 sec44
29ArmorAll WipesThe Armor ALL/STP Products Company3,3798.246975 sec20
30Fuller Brush Roto SweepSAS Group2,5858.27890 sec21
31Hurricane Spin BroomTelebrands2,3078.174884 sec25
32Copper FitIdea Village Products4,5007.977384 sec133
33Christie Brinkley Authentic SkincareChristie Brinkely Skincare1,1027.89100300 sec57
34Clean ReachEagle Eye Marketing1,6727.838291 sec63
35LipozeneObesity Research Institute3,1127.6595127 sec133
36FutzukiTop Dog Direct2,4477.4375101 sec45
37Miracle Bamboo CushionOntel Products1,8057.499120 sec47
38RainBrellaWipe New2,0097.3596120 sec28
39Waterpik FlosserWater Pik2,9687.0276153 sec122
40Teeter Hang UpsSTL International1,7386.6192120 sec133
41Flippin FantasticGlobal TV Concepts1,3626.617187 sec39
42Red Copper Square Dance PanTelebrands1,3836.4567100 sec35
43RoboTwist Can OpenerE. Mishan & Sons3,7305.738289 sec60
44Flex Seal LiquidSwift Response1,5995.616775 sec62
45Atomic Beam LanternTelebrands2,2415.3593110 sec37
46Brooklyn Brownie CopperE. Mishan & Sons2,4985.313371 sec18
472017 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute ProofNational Collectors Mint1,7675.34770 sec35
48Gotham Steel PanE. Mishan & Sons1,5205.27999 sec89
49Red Copper Square PanTelebrands8175.1587116 sec53
50Cold Plasma Sub-DGuthy-Renker2684.97100300 sec117

Long Form Brands

3Meaningful Beauty UltraGuthy-Renker198491.47104
4Total GymTotal Gym Fitness192778.78133
5Shark Rocket CompleteSharkNinja Operating173177.1844
6Bye Bye Foundation - Beautiful You CollectionFavor Products147567.1799
7Luminess AirLuminess Direct134059.29133
8Shark Powered Lift Away SpeedSharkNinja Operating116849.7615
9Cold Plasma Sub-DGuthy-Renker93037.37117
10Veggie BulletCapbran Holdings76534.8116
11Dr. Denese Skin ScienceGuthy-Renker64930.7698
13Bissell CrossWaveBissell Homecare71029.446
14Ab Doer 360Thane International88228.3731
15Crepe EraseGuthy-Renker72928.25127
16Copper Chef XLTristar Products82027.329
17Traeger Renegade EliteTraeger Pellet Grills85524.7166
18Power Pressure Cooker XLTristar Products68424.02130
19Conture Skin Toning SystemJe Matadi72423.8981
20Keranique Hair SystemKeranique63923.47133
21Specific BeautyJunee Brands LLC68023.4738
22Gwynnie BeeGwynnie Bee INC45922.2350
23NutriBullet ProNutriBullet58521.8382
24Shark Rotator Powered Lift AwaySharkNinja Operating50920.34119
26Omega XLGreat Healthworks80620.06133
27NuWave Oven Pro PlusNuWave48217.4573
28Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet ProBissell Homecare45617.3812
29HD Mirror CamInventel51617.3738
30AndrozeneHealth Club Diet41417.2133
31Cutlery CornerFrost Cutlery60316.78125
32Bissell Pet Hair Eraser VacuumBissell Homecare4051640
33DermaWandICTV Brands64915.68133
34Murad ResurgenceMurad28414.83130
35TBX-FreeRedwood Scientific Technologies33514.4151
36Copper ChefTristar Products43013.578
37Hair ClubHair Club for Men27913.45133
38Eupepsia ThinObesity Research Institute33513.3615
39Power AirFryer XLTristar Products34112.1865
40Cue Vapor SystemDigirettes INC25011.720
41United States Money ReserveU.S. Money Reserve27111.4679
42Tai ChengBeachbody28711.0381
43VolaireJunee Brands LLC20810.8817
44Country HeatBeachbody28210.5333
45NuWave Precision Induction CooktopNuWave32310.35133
46Rock & Romance CollectionDirect Holdings Americas25910.0727
47Worx GT 2.0 TrimmerPositec USA3829.478
48Body BeastBeachbody2388.72123
49Arthro 7Nutrivita4268.43113
50NutriBullet LeanNutriBullet1918.2713

Top Advertisers

1Idea Village Products2146921100673383 sec
2The Proactiv Company32166566.18633787 sec
3Telebrands773566758.89821896 sec
4E. Mishan & Sons393257049.52673390 sec
5Ontel Products361729830.358713115 sec
6Allstar Products391044725.088416100 sec
7Guthy-Renker6299723.61973212 sec
8Swift Response21061319772391 sec
9SAS Group639039.88851599 sec
10Luminess Direct124718.83991205 sec

2SharkNinja Operating4341278.24
5Tristar Products13244043.64
6Total Gym Fitness1192741.83
7Favor Products1147535.66
8Bissell Homecare3157133.33
9Direct Holdings Americas28158532.96
10Luminess Direct2134431.55
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© Copyright 2017, DRMETRIX LLC. All rights reserved. Rankings are from 12/26/2016 thru 6/25/2017. Occurrence data is collected on a 24/7 basis from monitored national cable networks. Short-form includes spots 5 minutes or less in length. Long-form includes programs of 28:30 in length. Spend index is based on a projection of direct response media expenditures with top long-form and short form campaigns earning a spend index score of 100 and all other advertisers calculated in comparison. The index also takes into account network and ROS daypart mix, and whether spots are airing in national or local “cue tone” breaks. Short Form Products are “call-to-order” campaigns with price disclosed in the spot. ASD represents “average spot duration” and is calculated by taking the total duration of detected spots divided by total units. Weeks = total number of media weeks for the brand where airings were detected. DRMetrix is a media monitoring and research company specializing in the direct response television marketplace. Phone (951) 234-3899. E-mail: [email protected]