Welcome to the TRUE TOP 50, brought to you by DRMetrix and SciMark. Data for these reports comes from AdSphere™ monitoring of more than 100 national cable networks. AdSphere™ identifies, categorizes, and tracks DRTV creatives across four industry classifications: "Short Form Products", "Lead Generation", "Brand/DR", and "28.5 Minute". The TRUE TOP 50 report is based on the "Short Form Products" and "28.5 Minute" classifications.

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Short Form Brands

1Proactiv+The Proactiv Company(Continuity) $19.9553,41425.26379 sec45
2Flex Seal LiquidSwift Response$19.9922,9969.915276 sec70
3Copper Fit Back ProIdea Village Products$19.9916,0159.125881 sec64
4MicroTouch Tough BladeIdea Village Products$19.9913,0176.696684 sec60
5LipozeneObesity Research Institute$29.9512,2575.7479114 sec49
6Simply Fit BoardAllstar Products$39.994,3874.8980104 sec64
7Copper FitIdea Village Products$19.9914,1784.746587 sec58
8Gotham Steel PanE. Mishan & Sons$19.996,9864.4387106 sec64
9Dutch Glow Amish Cleaning TonicSAS Group$14.996,1824.297297 sec66
10Meaningful Beauty UltraGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $39.952,3584.0798224 sec45
11Bell+Howell TacLightE. Mishan & Sons$19.996,3113.9198120 sec44
12Copper Fit Energy SocksIdea Village Products$14.994,0503.357698 sec67
13Bye Bye Foundation - Beautiful You CollectionFavor Products(Continuity) $39.951,6283.3398260 sec45
14ReColorThe Avento Corporation$19.995,4583.1198120 sec56
15Magic TracksOntel Products$19.995,3592.946899 sec52
16Red Copper PanTelebrands$19.993,9992.9286113 sec40
17Roto ClipperAllstar Products$19.993,7092.848587 sec62
18Wonder WalletAllstar Products$19.954,1512.686577 sec61
19EverBriteOntel Products$12.992,7562.5792120 sec46
20Copper Fit Step FXIdea Village Products$24.996,3412.355475 sec64
21Atomic Beam USATelebrands$19.995,6392.2398118 sec56
22In Styler MAX Rotating IronTre Milano$14.993,3152.1796107 sec32
23Zap!Zap! Products$19.954,5132.1698120 sec39
24Teeter Hang UpsSTL International$14.953,4731.8692120 sec23
25Waterpik FlosserWater Pik$89.995,7341.8489162 sec45
26Red Copper Square PanTelebrands$59.991,8181.6595120 sec37
27Pocket Hose Top BrassTelebrands$19.991,8051.5881119 sec27
28Knot OutAllstar Products$14.992,2341.577381 sec51
29Simply StraightOntel Products$39.992,8301.5597126 sec42
30Star Shower Motion Laser LightTelebrands$49.992,1011.5371110 sec42
31Crepe EraseGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $39.958881.5397289 sec23
32Lazer BondTelebrands$19.992,2051.5287113 sec44
33Swerve BallIdea Village Products$14.993,6091.476881 sec31
34Copper Fit Pro SeriesIdea Village Products$19.992,4671.467361 sec42
352016 $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute ProofNational Collectors Mint$9.952,3071.467989 sec22
361 Second SlicerTrisales Marketing$19.951,7281.47192 sec47
37Hydro MousseEagle Eye Marketing$19.954,3021.396689 sec46
38Comfort Click BeltIdea Village Products$19.991,6871.3982109 sec42
39Rocket CoptersIdea Village Products$14.994,7091.376781 sec31
40TastingRoom.comL18 Holdings$6.956,1991.358358 sec41
41Rodent SheriffTrisales Marketing$10.003,6461.2777101 sec45
42Meaningful Beauty AdvancedGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $29.957891.26100120 sec28
43OrbitrimAllstar Products$19.953,4361.156891 sec44
44Scratch+AideSAS Group$10.001,9831.16495 sec26
45Booty MaxTekno Products$24.951,0841.0993107 sec42
46Handy HeaterOntel Products$29.99924196123 sec37
47Copper ChefTristar Products$19.992,5180.9697120 sec30
48Smart SwabTelebrands$19.991,3510.95100120 sec28
49Wipe New Headlight RestoreWipe New$9.991,8250.946094 sec34
50Copper Fit Gripper SocksIdea Village Products$9.991,8630.927960 sec50

Long Form Brands

1CizeBeachbody(3-pay of) $19.953,35710043
2Bye Bye Foundation - Beautiful You CollectionFavor Products(Continuity) $39.953,04698.9738
3Total GymTotal Gym Fitness$14.954,15888.335
4LifeLockLifeLockLead Gen3,1258641
5Luminess AirLuminess Direct$19.952,58676.5444
6Meaningful Beauty UltraGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $39.952,14167.5439
7Shark Rotator Powered Lift AwaySharkNinja Operating(5-pay of) $49.952,26466.6638
8HumanaHumana InsuranceLead Gen2,38962.9537
9Copper ChefTristar Products(3-pay of) $24.992,18950.6245
10Tai ChengBeachbody(3-pay of) $39.951,57539.8942
11Body BeastBeachbody(2-pay of) $19.951,46437.8632
12Ninja Coffee BarSharkNinja Operating(4-pay of) $44.951,32636.2240
13Crepe EraseGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $39.951,19235.2333
14Shark Rocket CompleteSharkNinja Operating(4-pay of) $49.951,08434.6538
15Shark Rocket Deluxe ProSharkNinja Operating(5-pay of) $39.951,23833.5441
16DermaWandICTV BrandsLead Gen1,27430.6837
17Keranique Hair SystemKeranique$49.951,06228.8941
18Bissell ProHeat 2X RevolutionBissell Homecare(4-pay of) $49.951,38828.337
19Power Pressure Cooker XLTristar Products(3-pay of) $33.331,15328.1538
20Omega XLGreat HealthworksLead Gen1,14826.0836
21Gwynnie BeeGwynnie Bee INCLead Gen67025.234
22Murad Rapid LighteningMurad(Continuity) $39.9577223.6734
23Dr. Denese Skin ScienceGuthy-Renker(Continuity) $39.9565422.7732
24Conture Skin Toning SystemJe Matadi$29.9593122.7536
25Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaCTCALead Gen56222.7522
26KitchenAid Artisan Stand MixerWhirlpool(6-pay of) $59.9957322.5111
27NuWave Oven Pro PlusNuWave(3-pay of) $39.9587622.0636
28FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing SystemJarden(4-pay of) $49.9560121.7811
29Ninja Coffee Bar SystemSharkNinja Operating(4-pay of) $44.9579021.6940
30AndrozeneHealth Club DietLead Gen1,00321.4319
31Back 2 LifeCapbran Holdings(5-pay of) $29.9981221.126
32Power BotSamsung Electronics Co LTDLead Gen8652139
33Cutlery CornerFrost CutleryLead Gen1,07120.7718
35Bissell Pet Hair Eraser VacuumBissell Homecare(5-pay of) $49.9974520.0436
36NutriBullet ProNutriBullet(6-pay of) $19.9991517.9838
37Peter Popoff MinistriesPeter Popoff MinistriesLead Gen57116.7310
38Bissell CrossWaveBissell Homecare(5-pay of) $49.9956915.9937
39Star Shower Motion Laser LightTelebrands$49.9973015.9441
40SuppleSuppleLead Gen85015.5722
4121 Day FixBeachbody(3-pay of) $19.9553414.6836
42United States Money ReserveU.S. Money ReserveLead Gen4531322
43Joyce Meyer MinistriesJoyce Meyer MinistriesLead Gen55512.64
44Gotham Steel PanE. Mishan & Sons$19.9967112.5339
45Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop SystemSharkNinja Operating(4-pay of) $24.9542112.3736
46Joseph Prince MinistriesJoseph Prince MinistriesLead Gen54312.34
47Philips AirfryerKoninklijke Philips Electronics$49.9556912.1736
48PiyoBeachbody(3-pay of) $19.9553212.0935
49Generac Home Standby GeneratorsGenerac Power SystemsLead Gen66911.6935
50Focus T25Beachbody(3-pay of) $19.9536911.5929

Top Advertisers

1Idea Village Products4877,77843.84663485 sec97
2Guthy-Renker857,71038.52663489 sec84
3Telebrands13131,71119.888713111 sec88
4Allstar Products5825,57519.88811997 sec91
5Ontel Products4021,54016.018911120 sec90
6E. Mishan & Sons4323,08714.979010109 sec85
7Swift Response324,13611.91544676 sec70
8Obesity Research Institute112,2576.777921114 sec49
9SAS Group78,6136.72712997 sec74
10Favor Products11,6283.92982260 sec45

2SharkNinja Operating97,76298.2742
4Favor Products13,04643.8638
5Tristar Products154,09441.9746
6Total Gym Fitness14,15839.1335
8Luminess Direct12,58633.9244
9Direct Holdings Americas322,71831.4233
10Bissell Homecare32,70228.5140
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© Copyright 2017, DRMETRIX LLC. All rights reserved. Rankings are from 12/28/2015 thru 12/25/2016. Occurrence data is collected on a 24/7 basis from monitored national cable networks. Short-form includes spots 5 minutes or less in length. Long-form includes programs of 28:30 in length. Spend index is based on a projection of direct response media expenditures with top long-form and short form campaigns earning a spend index score of 100 and all other advertisers calculated in comparison. The index also takes into account network and ROS daypart mix, and whether spots are airing in national or local “cue tone” breaks. Short Form Products are “call-to-order” campaigns with price disclosed in the spot. ASD represents “average spot duration” and is calculated by taking the total duration of detected spots divided by total units. DRMetrix is a media monitoring and research company specializing in the direct response television marketplace. Phone (951) 234-3899. E-mail: [email protected]