DRMetrix’s Airings Verification System (AVS™) uses world class video and audio automated content recognition (ACR) technology. AVS™ is able to track the occurrence of any type of television content without the requirement of encoding commercials. Presently, AVS™ monitors 165 national networks including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. Near real time reporting delivers occurrences within 30-45 minutes.


Checkout out latest blog post regarding AVS which features a video walk through of the new AVS Dashboard BI system

Get the Complete Picture

Unlike traditional Airings Verification, which only provide the date and time of detection, AVS™ goes much further by recording occurrences for playback along with screen capture images of each airing. Because AVS™ monitors commercial grade feeds with DPI signaling, spots running in both national and DPI breaks on the national networks are detected and reported. AVS™ is also unique in its ability to report the national cable break-type for spot airings.

Leverage AVS™ for Better Attribution

AVS™ provides a unique data source to assist agencies and technology providers working on the next generation of TV to web attribution solutions. AVS™ provides more accurate airings data through the monitoring of commercial grade feeds while also allowing for detection of airings in DPI breaks on national cable networks. To learn more, please read the following article: Attribution Models that Penalize Cable Networks.

Detection of DR Variations

AVS™ uses optical character recognition (OCR) to report the toll free number, web address, and/or promotion code that appears in each detected spot or infomercial.

Complimentary AVS™ Access for AdSphere™ Subscribers

AdSphere subscribers enjoy a complimentary tier of AVS™ access which includes monitoring unlimited creatives for up to 20 brands a year. Current subscribers are encouraged to contact DRMetrix to get started.

Forget about Encoding and/or Replacing Air Tapes

AVS™ provides a unique airings verification solution that doesn’t require encoding. You can begin testing AVS™ against your current airings verification provider today without having to replace any air tapes!

"The ability to programmatically pull airings information in near-real-time from AVS to combine with our internal conversion funnel performance data has allowed us to take our direct-to-consumer advertising to the next level. Accurate attribution is one thing, but accurate attribution in real-time is a whole different ball game, and it has really made a difference for Force Factor." - Patrick Carroll | Chief Marketing & Technology Officer - NutraClick
"AVS made it easy for us to pull daily airings data into our Core media system. It has reduced our work load and costs. We don't have to pay for multiple encodings to separate our national cable airings by break type. AVS does this for us automatically and at a fraction of the cost!" - Stephanie Brown | President - Tandem ROI

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